Apr 20, 2011

Fat Roland On Electronica: the radio programme

It's time to burst out of the narrow confines of the internet and get this blog onto the wireless.

Fat Roland On Electronica will become a radio programme for a special one-off show in a month's time.

All the wordy drivel you loyally suck from these digital pages will instead ooze from your earholes for two precious, messy hours.

The beast on which this blog is leeching will be Chorlton FM, the wonderful local radio station set up specifically for the Chorlton Arts Festival, available on 87.7FM in Chorlton and south Manchester - and also online.

Fat Roland On Electronica will hit the airwaves at 8pm on Thursday May 19th, fill as many Chorlton chimneys as possible with dirty beats, then scuttle back into the corner at 10pm in the hope that it would have been so amazing, other local radio stations would be interested too.

Internet shminternet. This blog's all about radio fuzz.

PS - you can catch me on Chorlton 87.7FM the following Thursday, May 26th, when the grand results of the Flash Mob Writing Competition are announced in a live reading night and simultaneous radio broadcast. You can be a part of this if you get shortlisted, so enter now. Stories must be in by April 29th.


rach said...

Woo hoo!

CageFightingBlogger said...

Great news Roland. 'Fraid I'm outside the reach in the distant lands of Oldham, but I'm sure you'll do well.

Fat Roland said...

Oldham's just north of Chorlton, right?... 'Tis also online. Further details nearer the time. I'm somewhat excited!

Tim Footman said...

I always forget that Chorlton’s a real place, not just a happiness dragon.

Fat Roland said...

I'll have to try really hard not to do Chorlton impressions throughout the whole show. Must *not* call any passing Welsh women a "nice little ole lady".