Jan 31, 2014

The Fat Roland electronic music logo quiz

Here's a quiz! Look at these logos and musical motifs. Name the electronic music artist associated with them.

Answers in the comments. Why not post your score so other people can admire and/or laugh at you?

Good luck!

That last one's a screenshot of an animated GIF, dontcha know.

Answers in the comments below this post, so careful with your scrolling.


Fat Roland said...

Here are the answers to the logo quiz.

If you haven’t played the quiz or are receiving this comment in some kind of RSS feed, then look away. No. Don’t just look away. Burn your computer. Then run away. Laughing.

1, Skrillex
2. Orbital
3. The Prodigy
4. Massive Attack
5. Disclosure
6. Sunscreem
7. Fatboy Slim
8. Gorillaz
9. Modeselektor
10. Kraftwerk

How did you do? Leave a reply and let me know.

Unknown said...

The only one I missed was Sunscreem. SHIT.

Fat Roland said...

Shame. SHAME.