Mar 3, 2017

Listen to Batu's noisy woodpecker

I don't go on about woodpecker techno enough.

That's a thing now. Did you not get the memo? A couple of distressed squirrels should have dropped it off before scuttling back into the forest.

I'm not sure when woodpeckers started making techno. I know in the mid-2000s you had all those peacock prog-metal bands. All that preening and overwrought guitar solos. Give me a break.

And there was that time a sparrow barbershop quartet won X Factor. They were pretty awful and the rapping albatross should have won.

Don't get me started on pigeon funk.

Anyway, this new Murmur EP by Bristol's Batu, on his own Timedance label, is gloriously awkward (samples below). It is indeed the kind of sound I'd expect if woodpeckers made techno. Which they don't. The squirrels lied.

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