Mar 1, 2017

Miaow miaow Ceephax miaow Acid miaow miaow miaow Crew

I start March with a very important message. This is for the musicians and producers that read this blog. Or for anyone friends with people that make music. Print out this blog post. Read it to them.

This is the message: Music makers, you must tweet about cats more.

Cats stuck in trees. Cats falling off walls. Cats accidentally driving tractors. Cats elected to prominent positions in civic societies. Cats writing electronic music blogs.

Oh and cats no longer stuck in trees.

I know what you're going to ask. You're right - this doesn't mean you can't include dogs in your music.

For example, listen to Murray Mint below, a track taken from Ceephax Acid Crew's soundtrack for the Troma comedy Essex Spacebin (pictured). Seriously, have a listen. Those are dogs in that track.

Or cats trying to deceive us. Woah, where did that thought come from? What if all dog samples are cats doing impressions of dogs? There are no dogs in music: just faking felines. That would be underha-- er-- underpaw.

I'm confused now. Ignore what I said before. Never trust cats because they might not be cats. And certainly don't tweet about cats, I mean, what are you, crazy?!

Glad I cleared that one up. Phew.