Jan 22, 2020

Fat Roland's wonderful Warp Records word search

You look bored. Your face sags with weariness, like old underpants draped over a dachshund. Fat Roland to the rescue! Entertain yourself with my Warp Records word search.

See if you can find all 30 of the Warp Records artists, past and present, hidden in this grid. Just to make it harder, the words can go in any direction.

Some are Warp names familiar to any techno-head. Some may have had only one release and just get a brief mention on the Wikipedia page about Warp Records, from whence I lazily snaffled my information.

Warp Records word search: the difficult version (grid only)

I have two versions. At the end of this blog post is a grid without the 30 artist names included for reference. This is for advanced word searchers only, and should only be attempted by people with good eyes, an iron will and a pair of crampons.

The version below is low-resolution. If you want a larger version of this grid, click here to download (353kb PNG file).

Warp Records word search: the easier version (grid with accompanying words)

There is also an easier version: same grid, but with the 30 artist names printed beneath. This is for simple-minded word searchers who need spoon-feeding like little babies. I count myself in this category.

I won't print this easier version here, because it will annoy the advanced word searchers. To see the easier version of this grid with the 30 artist names included, click here to download a decent quality version (300kb PNG file) or click here download a lower resolution version (131kb JPEG file).

Or, and praise the Lord for all this amazing word search admin, check the comments on this blog post, where I've also listed the 30 names.

Your face looks interested now. You're drooling. There's a glint in your eye. My work here is done. Happy searching-for-words.


Fat Roland said...

Hello. Fat Roland here. Below are the 30 words you need to find. I'm going to put in some buffering punctuation so the advanced lot don't see.
Autechre / Battles / Beans / Bibio / Brothomstates / Clark / Darkstar / DiY / Eskmo / Gaika / Gonjasufi / Kelela / K-Hand / Kwes / Leila / LFO / Lonelady / Lorenzo Senni / Nozinja / Patten / Pivot / Plaid / Plone / Red Snapper / Req / Rustie / Sote / Speedy J / TNGHT / VLAD

Anonymous said...

Boards Of Canada?

Fat Roland said...

I didn't include them because I thought their name would be way too long. But I've just counted the squares and it isn't. Sigh.