Oct 31, 2010

The devil has all the best IDM: introduction

It's Hallowe'en night, an evening dedicated to ghouls and blood and shrieks and sticking cereal on your face because you think it makes you look like a zombie.

IDM, or "intelligent dance music", is the contentious term for the kind of music to which I have dedicated this blog. Its history is littered with monster beats, blood-sucking synth lines and drop-dead cool. Okay, I'm pushing the metaphor, but the darkness of Hallowe'en has a lot in common with the weirder nature of electronica.

Tonight, do join me as I choose ten IDM / electronica tracks to accompany your fright-filled evening. I'll post ten tracks in ten separate (and quite short) blog posts, all of which you can group together by searching for the Halloween10 tag. I'll try to be done before you have to get off to your Timewarp disco.

Although my list has been completed in advance, do make suggestions in the comments and I will include them in some way. Just keep it IDM or thereabouts (here is a list of musicians to keep you going).

The only thing you have to fear are your ears themselves. Happy listening and watch the Halloween10 tag.

Picture: an edited screen grab of Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy. And yes, this track will be included in the final ten.

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