Oct 31, 2010

The devil has all the best IDM: Moderat

Here I am, on Hallowe'en night, choosing my favourite IDM / electronica to accompany your fright-filled evening of pumpkin soup, bad clothes and legal doorstep extortion. See the other posts in this series here. See the introduction to the whole thing here.

Artist: Moderat
Tracks: 3 Minutes Of / Nasty Silence
Album: Moderat
Year: 2009

A Berlin commuter uploaded a video that's enough to kill any Hallowe'en mood, but anyhoo, here's a slice of ambient electronica that's all rather Sigur Ros until the sound funnels into a grumpy piece of downplayed techno full of snappy bass kicks (note how the video changes too... clever commuter).

These are actually two tracks that run together on Moderat's eponymous EP, the first, 3 Minutes Of, being the moody Hyde while the second, Nasty Silence, being the more clinical and ordered Jekyll (and no less sinister for it).

There's no overt horror here, just some unsettling suggestion. In the same way that some of the most unnerving scenes in the Shining are the scenes of normality (driving in a car, eating breakfast together, getting knifey on your wifey... wait, not that last one...)

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