Oct 31, 2010

The devil has all the best IDM: Jon Hopkins

Here I am, on Hallowe'en night, choosing my favourite IDM / electronica to accompany your fright-filled evening of pumpkin soup, bad clothes and legal doorstep extortion. See the other posts in this series here. See the introduction to the whole thing here.

Artist: Jon Hopkins
Track: Insides
Album: Insides
Year: 2009

We're half way through our audio frightfest. Thanks for following this so far.

I was introduced to Jon Hopkins by a DJ I did a radio programme with earlier this year. This is glitchy and menacing, like a spectre looming out of a Japanese TV screen.

Hopkins succeeds in bottling the Autechre sound and spray-blasting it on filmic proportions until we are all drenched with the seeping red chords and that dismembered voice lurking within the beats.

And get that drop at 2.27 - before the nastiest chainsaw of a bassline you've ever heard...

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