Oct 31, 2010

The devil has all the best IDM: Autechre

Here I am, on Hallowe'en night, choosing my favourite IDM / electronica to accompany your fright-filled evening of pumpkin soup, bad clothes and legal doorstep extortion. See the other posts in this series here. See the introduction to the whole thing here.

Artist: Autechre
Track: Second Bad Vilbel
EP: Anvil Vapre
Year: 1995

Autechre's Second Bad Vibel was from back in the day when Ae put a beat to their music, or at least, something resembling a repetitive rhythm.

Chris Cunningham's video, haunted throughout by amorphous, fleshy shapes, was a perfect monster to the band's Frankenstein. That crying synth that comes in at 1.30? Gets me every time.

As claustrophobic as Alien - and as, um, alien too.

Edit: Reader Tom Davenport has suggested Autechre's Iera as the band's most spooky track. The tune sounds it's hiding alone in an abandoned shack when suddenly the trees come knocking at the door...

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