Feb 23, 2017

Listen to PVT's Kangaroo (not an actual kangaroo, hashtag fakenews)

I tripped across this cracking track on the new PVT album New Spirit. Despite the nicely loose live drums, Kangaroo's gawky electronic urgency seems to have laid their post-rock roots to rest. Have a listen below.

PVT, formerly Pivot, are one of many musical stars that had to change their name because of a legal challenge.  Examples that come to mind are London Suede, "The" Verve, and Fat Roland.

That's right. I never used to be "Fat Roland". I was "Michael Jackson" then I was "Prince" then I was "The Edge out of U2" then I was "Menswe@r" then I was "Lady Gaga" then I was "Stormzy". Sued by the lot of them. Honestly, I can't catch a break.

If the real Fat Roland ever finds out I'm using his name, I'm in trouble. Apparently he's easily angered and has tentacles.