Feb 28, 2017

Most-read pieces on FatRoland.co.uk: February 2017

1 - You remember Orbital, right?
"You remember? The lighty headmen? The Glastonbury doyennes? The Satanic majesties?"

2 - Fake news: there's a famous faux band in town
"Swap the booze for meth so I don't entirely violate his artistic copyright."

3 - Step inside Brian Eno's Reflection

4 - Instrumental electronic floof for your creative ears
"If you need something for your (un)conscious mind to surfboard on, dive in."

5 - Listen to PVT's Kangaroo (not an actual kangaroo, hashtag fakenews)
"If the real Fat Roland ever finds out I'm using his name, I'm in trouble."

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