Feb 11, 2017

It's never too early to be Up Too Early

When I went part-freelance at the end of last year, I resolved to use my time well.

Okay, maybe I'm not succeeding. And I do often find myself waking up at strange hours with a head rattling with ideas.

Good job Friends Of Friends put out the excellent Up Too Early compilation, designed for the early hours of the day. Apparently it grew out of a Spotify playlist - and what a playlist. There's Daedelus and Robot Koch and Baths and Prefuse 73 and the Album Leaf.

Use this album as an audio pillow, sleepyheads. It may help channel your more dreamsome ideas. Yes, even you, Piers, with your lilting head and strangely proportioned features. (It's almost as if I had no idea how to draw Piers Moron.)