Feb 17, 2017

This is what happened on stage tonight

I knew it would come to this, but I've been far too busy prepping for a gig to write my regular blog post.

Which is fine because gigs pay while I'm lucky to get a bit of pocket fluff from my blogging.

However, since you're kind enough to be reading this, here's an outline of the performance was preparing today. Think of this as free entry to the Fat Roland gig you didn't go to.

I walk on stage 'dressed'  as a psychic fairy. After some inspirational phrase / party popper action, I introduce people to my fairy tale medallions. I promise to perform a mind trick. I show some pictures of myself then photographs I've 'taken' on the way to the event. There's a conversation with Derren Brown. Next, it's the big gay nose song. After the big gay nose song, I read someone's mind (not really) and everyone goes wild. Oh and I have a wand. And a dinosaur and Father Christmas and a toaster and a startled muppet.

All of this involves props made from card, including the wand. Hence no time to write a blog post. Oh, hold on. I've written this, haven't I? As long as schedule this to publish after my gig, I'm sorted for today's blog post.

Blogging, yay!