Dec 28, 2020

Best electronic albums of 2020: twenty-two

22 k-lone fat roland electronic albums of 2020
22 – K-LONE– Cape Cira (Wisdom Teeth)

Find a marimba. No, that's a xylophone. It's the one with the bars underneath. Yes, that's the one. Give it a clonk. Well clonked. The sound's a little insubstantial, isn't it. Welcome to the soft-touch world of K-Lone.

Cape Cira is as feather light as cirrus clouds tickling the skies above tropical lakes. Its bass drums are faltering footsteps on hot sand. The album is ambient, the album is world music, but the album is also Detroit-inspired techno transplanted from the motor city to a seaside hut in the Bahamas then left to bleach in the sun.

One online reviewer calls this 'Smooth FM in an African mood'. I'm not convinced by a comparison to a radio station that has voted Imagine, Careless Whisper and Ed Sheeran's snoozesome Perfect as its listeners' favourite songs. But there's definitely something soporific about Cape Cira.

Just embrace it. It's slow, it's relaxing, it's quite gorgeous. Oh and don't forget to put the marimba back. It belongs to Alan Titchmarsh and we still owe him for ruining his alpine horn.


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