Dec 31, 2015

Best electronic albums of 2015: making a Natureboy cry

Time for a dip into the 91 albums that didn't make the final top ten.

I apologise. Most of these are great, but I had to draw the line somewhere. Here are some good solid techno long-players that I sent off to bed without any supper.

It was a very close-run thing with Flako's Natureboy (Five Easy Pieces) was such a pleasing listen and I do wonder if I'd discovered it earlier in the year, it would be well up my top ten. Eeps.

I had a soft spot for the casual attitude of Kelpe's The Curved Line (DRUT) and also for the sinister techno on Lakker's Tundra (R+S). Walls' Urals (Ecstatic) was robotic and spacious like a, er, big old robot with lots of space inside. And gawd bless Luke Vibert and the reliable mid-paced head nodders on Bizarster (Planet Mu).

Nosaj Thing's Fated (Timetable) almost seemed to be slicing the very nature of music itself before your ears. There was plenty of industrial noise on Container's LP (Spectrum Spools), not something I'm terribly excited by, and I found it hard to connect with Starkey's The Transponder Orchestra (Alpha Pup Records). Finally, Levon Vincent's self titled album (Novel Sound) contained simple themes with a filmic quality that just scraped my top 101.

Enough. Let's get back to the winners. The top ten continues shortly.

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