Dec 31, 2015

Best electronic albums of 2015: giant killer

Thanks for reading my top ten list this year. Almost done. I know it's annoying doing individual blog posts, but you can look at the whole lot so far with one click:

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Here are the last bucket of albums that got thrown in a skip instead of comprising my final top ten. The last of the rejects. And there are a few giants I'm about to kill...

Hey! It's the Prodge! The Day Is My Enemy added an urban element to their ageing agitation: just more of the same, really, but quite fun. RP Boo was as lively as ever on Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints (Planet Mu), and perhaps a little darker. I'm afraid I've not had chance to give Grimes' Art Angel (4AD) the attention it deserves, although I've loved the bits I've heard. And Venetian Snares' reliably hardcore Your Face (Planet Mu) had some of his best moments for ages.

Hunee's Hunch Music (Rush Hour Recordings) took electro and soul and bit it into house-size chunks. Howling's Sacred Ground (Monkeytown Records) placed delicate folk melodies over precise electronics - not necessarily a winner for me - while there were some chilled electronics worthy of your attention on Lapalux's Lustmore (Brainfeeder).

Vito Ricci gave us I Was Crossing A Bridge (Music From Memory), a compilation of future-minded 1980s artistry, including the beautifully twisted disco of I'm At That Party Right Now. Scratchy Munich drum experiments was the order of the day on Zenker Brothers' Immersion (Music From Memory). I didn't much like the commercial house of BOOF's The Hydrangeas Whisper (Running Back). And the final sounds of this section are angry noise from Kerridge's Always Offended Never Ashamed (Contort Records) and broken mechanics from M.E.S.H.'s Piteous Gate (Pan).

Edit: Lorn's dropped Vessel yesterday - way too late to give it any consideration. Consider this a free pass into next year's list.

So that's it. Who's left? Can you guess. I'm proud of this number one. It's an album that moved me - perhaps physically more than emotionally. One more blog post to come: my favourite album of the year...

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