Dec 29, 2015

Best electronic albums of 2015... coming shortly

Oh boy, it's that time again. Time for me to choose my favourite albums of 2015.

This whole thing was getting to be a waste of time because, as we all know, the album died. No-one attended the funeral and all of our albums became table coasters or gaudy jewellery.

Thankfully, however, Adele came along and saved the album. Her latest album sold 16 trillion copies, almost all on cassette, and now the long-player is alive again. Phew!

Adele is not in my top ten. Nor in my top 101. Yes, 101. That's how many albums I've waded through this year.

I'm pretty pleased with my final top ten electronic albums. All ten - alongside the 91 that didn't make it - will be revealed throughout New Year's Eve. From about noon until teatime, I reckon. There will be lots of blog posts in a very short space of time, but if you want to read it all in one go, here's the link to click on:

-----> Best electronic albums of 2015 <-----

But not yet. I haven't published it yet. Jeez. Patience.

See you on New Year's Eve for my epic run-down.

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