Dec 31, 2015

Best electronic albums of 2015: four

4 – Oneohtrix Point Never – Garden of Delete (Warp)

The best producers suck in disparate music genres and blurt out a complete vision – take Flying Lotus as an example. Within two minutes of GOD, you can hear 80s soft rock, footwork, soul vocals and epic prog electro. Full of surprises and yet coherent throughout.

This magpie mentality persists throughout: cheesy pop vox on Sticky Drama, pastoral ambience on Child Of Rage, epic EDM anthemming on I Bite Through It. The latter track soon fractals into all sorts of noise – few other people could get away with one second of thrash guitar twenty seconds before the end of a track.

I’ve always respected Oneohtrix in the past, but never fully connected. Perhaps there’s something about GOD that’s more immediate, more logical amid the perplexing palette on offer here. There are moments of beauty and beastliness – just listen to how Mutant Standard breaks down then resolves, or the malevolent yet moving mash-up of Freaky Eyes.

I’m not sure where OPN is leading us, but I'm a convert: he can blurt in my face anytime.

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