Dec 31, 2015

Best electronic albums of 2015: sorry I broke your lantern

Another quick break to look at EVEN MORE also-rans in this year's countdown of best electronic goodness of 2015.

We're back in techno territory and OOOOOH boy, I'm excluding some good people here. I'm gutted not to be including Hudson Mohawke's Lantern (Warp): it really was close. Scud Books was my favourite track this year and there was so much to love about the album. In fact, stop what you're doing and enjoy the low-fi pomp of this:

Good, right? What do you mean you prefer Adele. Pfft.

Becoming Real's Pure Apparition (Transgressive) didn't make it either despite Bleach sending shivers up my crumbling spine. Helena Hauff's Discreet Desires (Werkdiscs) made good work from dirty, retro electro, while there was a welcome return of Pole and the pleasingly detailed and difficult Wald (Pole).

I liked the early morning techno feel of Anthony Naples's Body Pill (Text Records), while at the other end of the spectrum, John T Gast's debut Excerpts (Planet Mu) was as disaffecting and moody as you'd expect.

The dense, brutal techno of XOSAR's Let Go (Black Opal) was engrossing, while on my notes for RAMZi's Houti Kush (1080p), I've just written "odd fauna". Post Scriptum's Post Scriptum 01 (Infrastructure) felt suitable alien - and that's it for now.

The second best album of 2015 awaits, followed by some final also-rans, and then THE best album of 2015. Fact. Not my opinion. FACT. Stay tuned if you know what's good for you.

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