Mar 22, 2009

Definitely 12-inch new almost Dan music!

What is the Fat Roland blog all about? I have the answer. I used Wordle to cook up this image of the most used words on the front page of this site.

'New', 'music' and 'album' seemed obvious, but do I really talk about shoes that much? And I'm delighted with some convenient neighbours: 'adventure collection', 'mismatched Roland' and 'orange grouse'.
I'm so cutting edge, I could slice pizzas.

Have a go with your site and summarise your results below. I love shoes, me!


Sarah said...

Mine is awesome. You should look at it here:

Eva said...

Does it say "beat almost Dan" in the middle? Now I know Dan isn't your only "Dan friend", but really the sentiment is quite worrying ;)

Fat Roland said...

Sarah - I keep trying to access it, but I keep failing. I think the java script thingy is combobulating my flux channel.

Evangeline - no, you misunderstand. That refers to 'Almost Dan'. Your own Dan is very much a complete Dan. Your Dan is more Dan than Almost Dan will ever be. ... I'm confused now.

Isaac Ashe said...

I just Wordled up my blog, and I was surprised to see the word "Lawnmower" so prominently.
As for convenient neighbours, I was pleased to see "Deth Kandi" and "Scottish Passage" crop up.
Fun fun.

Fat Roland said...

Well... every blog needs a theme, and yours is lawnmowers. And you thought it was a music blog!