Mar 20, 2009

Aphex Twin's new album does exist, my lying mouth be damned

Update: read my March 2012 update on Aphex Twin's new album here, including an exclusive comment from Grant-out-of-Rephlex.
Lies plume from my rotting mouth like farts from a knackered horse.

I thrilled at the sound of my own knowledge when I claimed Aphex Twin's new album didn't exist in this piece last month.

The rumours of an album called Konklaver were "absolute guffballs," I said. "There is no Konklaver," I said.

"Wild speculation," I said.

If I was on fire, I wouldn't piss myself out. How wrong could I be? Aphex Twin is in the process of writing a new album, and it could hit the shelves this year.

Steve Beckett, founder of electronic label Warp Records, said this week there will "definitely" be new material. He told BBC 6music:

"We’re definitely going to be putting out a new album by him. Hopefully it will be this year, if I can prise it out of his hands. It’s definitely on its way.”
Don't expect any leaks, though. Beckett has no idea what the Twin has up his techno sleeve, so us mortals in the blogocube won't be getting any sneaky advances.
“I don’t know a single note or anything about it. It will be as much of a surprise to me as anyone else. Basically, I find out what it sounds like when we go into the mastering room and he puts it - well how it used to be, he'll put the DAT player in and there it’ll be - so that’s the first time I’ll hear it.

“Then I’ll go onto my knees and thank him and then we’ll put it out.”
It may not be Konklaver, which was mooted for a March release in various fake forum postings around the interwebble. So I was right about that. But it is a new album.

Aphex's first album proper since 2001's Drukqs. Hush my yellowed, bile-billowing mouth.

Ever-so-slightly related blog post: Aphex Twin's new album does not exist. Now can we just stop worrying and enjoy our knaves-- er, I mean-- lives?

Update: read my December 2009 update on Aphex Twin's new album here.

Update: read my March 2012 update on Aphex Twin's new album here, including an exclusive comment from Grant-out-of-Rephlex. 


steve said...

Niice!One can only hope.

Fat Roland said...

He's not exactly, um, prolific, is he?

Anonymous said...

That music sheet above is not Aphex Twin's...

Fat Roland said...

You don't say! :)