Mar 30, 2009

My Warp top ten: it's not all Warp and there aren't ten of them

As most electronica-headz know by now, Warp Records (famous website navigation pictured above) are asking for your favourite top ten tracks to go towards a bespoke album release later this year.

You can keep abreast of the voting further down this page on the right. No, a bit further down. No, the other right, yes, you got it.

Here is a list of my personal choices, which tragically exclude the likes of Leila Arab, Req and Richard H Kirk, whose albums I rate but I couldn't pinpoint individual "choons".

There is a slight failing in my top ten Warp list. There aren't ten, and not all of it was released on Warp. So it's as useful as fibreglass facewash.

What tracks would you choose? Why not leave a comment below? Comments cost £1.50 a minute, mobiles may vary, and not all comments will be read but you may still be charged.

- Aphex Twin - Ageispolis (I think I actually made love to my speakers the first time I heard the supersonic bass)

- Autechre - Arch Carrier (it's criminal to boil Ae down to single tracks, but this one has the nod)

- Battles - Ddiamondd (just sums up Battles' intensity and obstinate refusal to make any sense whatsoever)

- Boards Of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (just plain spooky)

- Clark - Ted (one of several Clark tracks I could pick, but I chose this for the sheer head-noddingness)

- Higher Intelligence Agency - Ketamine Entity (one of the first electronica tracks I was obsessed with)

- Hudson Mohawke - ZooO00oO0m (I still get excited about all those little Os)

- Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert remix) (give a soul singer a laptop and you get this)

- LFO - LFO (at last, a techno track with easy-to-remember lyrics!)

- Link - Arcadian (an absolute all-time stonking ambient dub classic of the highest order)

- Luke Vibert - I Love Acid (yes, it's a crowd pleaser, but it's Vibert at his most Viberty)

- Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits (commercial trip hop that I'm inexplicably fond of)

- Plaid - Get What You Gave (steel band electronica - nuff said)

- Polygon Window - If It Really Is Me (released in 1826 or something, this is epic Aphex Twin)

- Rustie - ZigZag (I could have chosen a few Rustie tracks, but this one hit me between the eyeballs)

- Sabres Of Paradise - Theme (I bought this purely because of the graffiti-style cover artwork)

- Squarepusher - Red Hot Car (the only singalonga-Squarepusher track until 2008's A Real Woman)


steve said...

Wow, fantastic list - I share your love for lots of these tracks, for the very same reason.

If I had to pick a Leila track, it would be hands down "Space Love", though that was on Rephlex. For Req, it would be, again "hands down", "Soul Pilot" - one of my all time favorite electronic tracks ever. For Richard H. Kirk, it would be the curiously titled "Come" - one of the funkiest, dreamiest electronic compositions I've ever heard.

In the meantime, I'll have to get to the site then. This will be tough!

Anonymous said...

Aha, you've just made me realise why I can't find Leila's first album or Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol 1 on the Warp site.

They weren't released on Warp. Doh!

Good list so far. I'm going to have to spend a bit of time going through it and trying to decide what Autechre/Aphex Twin/Squarepusher tracks to pick. So many tracks. So much oddness. Help.

Now hell the hell can you search for users on that site?

Fat Roland said...

I definitely think Warp and Rephlex should count as one record label.

Warp, Rephlex and R+S.

Actually, for that matter, Warp, Rephlex, R+S, Sublight, Hyperdub, Moodgadget, etc etc etc should ALL be included. (I may be pushing it a bit.)

steve said...

Good point!

Oh, and I need to correct myself - it's "Soul Plot", not "Pilot", with regards to the Req track. Sorry.

Fat Roland said...

'Pilot' is what its friends call it.

steve said...

Yeah, though it seems like a likely title for a Dio anthem as well!