Mar 10, 2009

A Satirikul Cartoon By Fat Roland: this website's equivalent of 'hold music'

I am in my bed of sick at the moment.  Blogging will resume as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, please make do with this satirical cartoon about the bitch-slapping between YouTube and the Performing Rights Society (PRS) (above).  This took seconds of really hard work, which is why it works on hundreds of different levels.  Do they give Oscars out for really great cartoons, I wonder?

Meanwhile, have some Vimeo videos of blokes twiddling knobs in the dark. They vary in quality, but each make me leap for joy inside my plague-ridden hovel. The third one is, as some of my younger contemporaries would say, "sick".

Dorian Concept, Miss Libertine's, Melbourne, 1/2/09 from frogstar on Vimeo.

The Crystal Method in Action from Corina Writer on Vimeo. : scanner live at kvitnu fest from The Kult! TV on Vimeo.


Tim Footman said...

A bed of sick? Yurk.

Fat Roland said...

I know. It's worse than a Cradle Of Filth.

Sarah said...

I think your cartoon is rubbish. But maybe that's just because I'm too stupid to understand it.

I hope you feel better soon. Would you like me to bring you some chicken soup? I can fit it in tomorrow, as Wednesday is my Missions of Mercy day this week.

That's like Sisters of Mercy but less goth.

Fat Roland said...

Missions Of Mercy is uber-goth, because it combines the Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission.

I have chicken soup (40 calorie chicken soup, mmmmm) but thanks anyway.