Mar 23, 2012

Getting jabby with it and by 'it' I mean 'writing stuff'

The writing life consists of jabbing your pen into your eyes until you wee the shape of a complete sentence onto the floor.

As a result of the painful solitude of the writer, a job that is clearly way harder than being a soldier, a fire fighter or a martyr, I like to get out and meet people. And sometimes when I get out and meet people, I faff about reading my own stuff into people's faces.

Upcoming faffings about include:

- Faffing about at Word Soup this Thursday, March 29th with my writing posse. Preston here I come!

- Faffing about all around Manchester reading pop-up stories for Flash Fiction Day in May. This is going to be a bit silly and mental.

- Faffing about for Chorlton Arts Festival and asking you to enter our amazing writing competition. It's open to everyone who can string 500 words or less together in a way that doesn't make us vomit.

I'm going to be posting less about my fiction scribbling activities on this site from now on, so to keep up-to-date, follow Italic Eyeball. Meanwhile, my dear succulent reader, I have some jabbing to do...

Literary piddle!

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