Mar 6, 2012

Catching the 'Tube to the moon

If you survived February's Bleep Years series and your lungs weren't burst from the stinking deluge of soggy nostalgia, then you can revisit it again on this YouTube playlist.

'Tuber Kreecm was kind enough to compile all the videos (bar one frustratingly absent Loop Guru track), which not only was a nice thing to do, it also means that someone is reading. You know what that means, don't you? This blog has gone mainstream and therefore should be mooned at by Jarvis Cocker.

(Except he didn't moon, did he? Why does everyone think he mooned?)

Anyhoo, in other web news, I've given Fat Roland On Electronica a new masthead. That's a fancy name for the big bit at the top. That's Aphex Twin on the left. That's Justin Biebpipe on the right. Yin. Yang. Heaven. Hell. Chocolate. Cat rape.

Happy 'tubing. Here are the Bleep Years blog posts too.

Further Fats: Top 20 electronica tracks of 2010 (kind of) so far (sorta)

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