Mar 21, 2012

Otters that look like Rustie

I'm sure you'll agree each and every one of these comparisons is convincing beyond dispute. Get half of these pictures and many more like it from yer Daily Otter.

Edit: it turns out that the rusted one has an otter as his profile picture on Twitter. This is, I can stoat-ally asssure you, is a complete coincidence.

2nd Edit: By the power of primark, I do think this is catching. Now there's Bunnies that look like bloggers...

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Willis Shafthauer said...

My ex-girlfriend looked like an otter. She wasn't though. An otter.

Fat Roland said...

I think you'd be more freaked out if you saw an otter that looked like your ex-girlfriend. I'm not sure why that would be worse. But it is.

Willis Shafthauer said...

It's actually hard to find one that doesn't like her. It forces me to carry otter-sized disguises around with me, so I can dress them up should I come across one.

Fat Roland said...

Hold on. You disguise otters as your ex-girlfriend? But your ex-girlfriend looked like an otter?

So you're disguising otters as otters?

That is some kind of twisted genius.

Willis Shafthauer said...

I originally meant that I dress them in costumes such as Abe Lincoln or Grouch Marx to make them look less similar to my ex:

but trapping otters in cheaply made otter costumes does seem to make more sense:

I'm worried that they won't be able to eat or drink though, and that they might just die? And it seems like locking something in a costume of itself, in order to kill it, is... pretty bad. Now that it's on the internet it's probably only a matter of months before someone tries it too. It could re-inject some life into the TV show Dexter at least.