Mar 26, 2012

Manhattanchester: Manchester In Residents interview and Photoshop fun

DJ, writer and party animal Gregling dropped-kicked some questions at me and I limp-wristed them back in the form of this interview on Manhattanchester.

In the interview, you will discover my views on Manchester, Alan Turing, Tories, the Beetham Tower, the city council and Gary Glitter. Oh and you'll find two pictures, one of which was photoshopped by me and another of which needs no photoshopping because it's the funniest picture in the universe.

A warning, though. After reading the article, you may not look Robin Gibb in the eye again.

Manhattanchester is worth a poke around: there are more interviews on there, and there is a great song about Northern Quarter dickheads by Saltylips.

Further Fats: There goes the hear - Manchester has enough gigs

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