Mar 11, 2012

Here's Hounds Of Hulme's new track Don't Ask Me (free mp3 download)

Hounds Of Hulme are back with a one-off track of dour springtime techno called Don't Ask Me.

This one is free to download. It follows two EPs: Midnite in January and Vocal Minority in February. Don't Ask Me will probably get pulled because of the vocal samples, so grab it while it's hot.

The fourth member of Hounds, Michael The Dangerous Horse didn't have much input on this one. He spent most of the time pretending to be Dobbin from Rentaghost and stamping his feet in an effort to teleport. We told him no-one remembers Rentaghost and why doesn't he nip down to the shops to get me a Spira.

Further Fats: ounds Of Hulme's new Vocal Minority EP

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