Mar 18, 2012

Saturday night, I feel my brain is getting hot

I think my life is one entire, massive, super-destructive nervous breakdown.

Take normal people. On a Saturday night, they're snapping their heels on pizza-strewn kerbs looking for the nearest place to piss whilst brandishing a bottle of Ouzo and a handful of squashed fries. This is ordinary behaviour and is to be encouraged.

Problem is, I have the attention span of a. You see? Couldn't even be bothered to finish that sentence. And so rather than make the trek into town in my stilettos, I made a music video.

No-one gets so manic on a Saturday night that they suddenly make a music video. It's not right. I'm obviously not drinking enough bleach to euthanise my right-brain cells. I might snort Vim instead.

The sounds in the video are by Mordant Music, who have just released the shimmeringly ambient Travelogues 10: Sync Lair. The track here is a couple of years old and it's lovely. The video is my own work and probably comes from my love of Tomato's design aesthetic.

The Hounds Of Hulme track Don't Ask Me, the most successful* musical thing I've done, was also produced in a feverish panic. I'll probably career into another sudden project again soon. Perhaps build a scale model of a tram out of plug hair. Invent sky diving from paper planes. Jump into a phone box to become Super Biscuit Man. I'm not quite sure what that last one is, but it sounds amazing.

* the word "success" is possibly open to interpretation here

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