Jan 21, 2014

Story: Post, a commissioned piece for 330 Words and H@ndles

My partner in writingtons Tom Mason is staging a social media-themed play called H@ndles at the Lowry on January 31st.

As a lead-up to the event, he has commissioned a series of stories for his excellent fiction blog 330 Words. Mine was published yesterday and it's called Post.
The journalist from the local paper had Aubrey pinned into the corner; his yellow jowls threatened to drip onto his dog-eared notepad. He asked Aubrey questions with a wet mouth and Aubrey, paint-roller in hand, fixated on the journalist’s flapping, glistening lips.
Each 330 Words story has a related photo. I took this story's picture in Urbis before it became a footie museum.

Have a read of the short short story here: Fat Roland: Post.

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