Jan 1, 2014

The new look (cue slow-motion hair swish)

The change has started.

Fat Roland On Electronica, as was, is no more. Which doesn't mean to say I won't continue writing about music. I will. It's just I will now also write about my fiction writing too.

As I redesign this blog into something new (Edit: the something new is Netloafer - hello), I'll incorporate all the fragments of my old fiction writing site here.

As you can see from this pic, there's a bit of Photoshopping involved. I now know how to make a pencil look like it has been snapped. Note to self: put that new skill on CV.

Oh and a joyous new year to my readers, new and old. May 2014 be one endless ride of confusion and terror. Hurrah!

PS - 'Netloafer' is a word from 2009.

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