Jan 24, 2014

This is what happens when I change my Facebook profile picture

I decided to change my Facebook profile picture into a tribute to the Great Soprendo, former television magician and one-time husband to Victoria Wood.

Here is the profile picture.

It quickly attracted this comment from a Facebook friend:
"Looks like a cream egg wrapper?"
So I googled for creme eges. It kind of does. So I did this:

I thought that would be enough, but oh boy, my Facebook friends are tenacious.

This reply came back:
"Love it. Could you make it egg shaped?"
Yeah. No problem at all. Erm...

Good to see I'm putting my Photoshop skills to good use, huh? *sigh*

If you want to follow me elsewhere on the worldinternetweb, Facebook isn't the best place as I'll only accept your request if we have friends in common. So there. And also, you'll get subjected to this kind of crap.

But you can:

- stalk me on Twitter;

- wipe my This Is My Jam on your toast (expect lovely electronic music goodness every few days);

- spot me on Spotify (expect lovely electronic music goodness updated very sporadically);

- viddy me on Vimeo (expect lovely electronic music goodness made by my own hands);

- or shuffle through some other blogs by friends on this David Hartley blog post (no lovely electronic music goodness as far as I can see).

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