Dec 27, 2016

Best electronic albums of 2016: house music also-rans

Here’s a handful of house music artists that didn’t make the top 20.

I enjoyed the dialled-back mechanics of Factory Floor’s 25 25 (DFA Records), while in contrast there was soul aplenty amid the religious zeal of Floorplan’s Victorious (M-Plant). Surely, Floorplan’s Robert Hood was an influence on Bookworms’ warming Xenophobe (BANK Records NYC).

Pantha Du Prince made his comeback on The Triad (Rough Trade), with all the tinkling electronics you’d expect. The horrendously-named Convextion made techno feel spacey on 2845 (a.r.t.less). Meanwhile, the co-founder of Hessle Audio released the sparky In Drum Play under the name Pangaea on his own label – and did a good job of it.

 Top Japanese DJ Fumiya Tanaka appeared after a long album absence with You Find The Key (Perlon): he kept the jazzier elements under control, unlike Kornél Kovács’ The Bells (Studio Barnhus). Sorry, Korny, a little too corny. And there was an old-school feel to Omar S’s Detroitian The Best! (FXHE Records). Honestly, Mr S, you can’t call your album The Best and expect to be in the top 20. It didn't work for Tina Turner and it won't work for you.

More commendable house music also-rans later on in this top 20.

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