Dec 24, 2016

Best electronic albums of 2016? You betcha. Sorry, Troy...

I didn't want to insert the full Troy gif because of blog loading times, so here's a crappy screenshot of an animated gif to announce:

My end-of-year albums list is back.

I've listened to everything this past couple of months. Music. Laughter. Dogs. Drains. Supernovae. Attack ships off the coast of Formby. I've then chafed that down to a dog-eared top 20 best electronic albums of 2016.

Yep. Top 20. I've doubled my list.

It'll all happen between noon on Tuesday and noon on New Year's Eve. Plenty of blog words to enjoy over your Christmas break. In the meantime, your homework is to peruse my previous lists: there are several best electronic album pages here.