Dec 29, 2016

Best electronic albums of 2016: nine

9 – Mark Pritchard – Under the Sun (Warp Records)

Mark Pritchard is a phenomenon. Two of the bestest modern ambient albums of all time (76:14 and Remotion), the man behind Shaft's Roobarb & Custard (yep!) and Harmonic 313, and now this stunning breakthrough– his first solo album as actual real-life Mark Pritchard.

As Under The Sun spreads its Boards of Canada and Eno-isms thinly across a neverending horizon, sometimes it seems we’re caught in a trippy Wicker Man alternative reality, all English gardens and ‘70s haze and folk songs. Space flutes. Quivering organs.

Is there anything this man can’t do? Astronauting, maybe. Fine art. Advanced haberdashery. Deep sea oil exploration. Dog surgery. I’m sure he can’t do any of these. Tennis coaching. Atom splitting. The Macarena. Speaking Welsh. Jeez, can Pritchard do ANYTHING? I mean, really.

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