Dec 30, 2016

Best electronic albums of 2016: seven

7 – Babyfather – BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow (Hyperdub)

The bleak urban shadows of BBF could be overwhelming: drug dealers, police sirens, relationship breakdowns. “Trust is a luxury I can’t afford.” Oof. This is possibly the most 2016-sounding album amid our terrifying new reality of the far right, Trump, and Bake Off moving to Channel 4.

Thankfully, the execution here is excellent. It’s recorded like a pirate radio station, and is presented by DJ Escrow, a presumably fictional MC with a funny line in chatter and plenty of problems to bang on about. It has the best line about Wiley that’s not on a Wiley record.

The genius behind Babyfather seems to be Dean Blunt, the trickster who this year tried to sell cheese-filled toy cars on Ebay. It wasn’t cheese. The clue’s in his name. Whatever he’s been toking, this Union Flag-emblazoned joint is as disorienting and rewarding as they come.

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