Dec 29, 2016

Best electronic albums of 2016: eight

8 – Acronym – Entagled In Vines (Semantica Records)

Alright, it’s an EP, but shut up, it’s my end-of-year list and you know where the door is. It’s album-y enough to be here. See this dictionary? See this shredder? I’m feeding this dictionary into this shredder and you can’t stop—dammit, the shredder’s jammed.

I don’t know an awful lot about Acronym. Swedish chap, made his name on the Northern Electronics label, now back on the label he first started with. I once complimented him on his “gloopy intensity”, which I hope he didn’t take too personally. It’s just the way he walks.

Entagled In Vines is a thuddering hypnodrone that keeps your legs endurance-dancing beyond four in the morning. It reminds me of Der Dritte Raum or Analogue Bubblebath with its bouncy acid, dithering harmonics, clockwork trance and more bouncy acid. Cracking. EP be damned.

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