Dec 26, 2016

Meemo & Mu have tunes for Christmas, Easter and Pancake Tuesday

Get your face around this Soundcloud shizzle.

This Meemo & Mu show is labelled as a Christmas broadcast but it's a straightforward avalanche of ice cold music brilliance. You can probably listen to it at any time of year. Even Whit Sunday.

It's co-hosted by Lara Rix-Martin from Objects Ltd and Mike Paradinas from the Planet Mu label. They also release tunes as Heterotic (pictured), but they've been good and not packed this with their own tunes.

Good job, really. I mean, who would use promotion of other people's work to plug their own stuff? That's selfish, right? Only narcissistic people do that. On a, er, totally unconnected note, I'd just like to report that the Hey Fat Roland podcast has been delayed by a new job and will return after the new year. Search 'hey fat roland' now on your podcast app and subscribe in time for the relaunch.

Ahem. Sorry.

Back to Meemo & Mu. There are some real talents in this mix: Fatima Al Qadiri, Antwood, Eva, Teengirl Fantasy, Hieroglyphic Being, Mr Mitch and Jlin. It's also a useful prompt for me to dig more into the relatively new Objects Ltd.

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