Dec 28, 2016

Best electronic albums of 2016: fifteen

15 – Pye Corner Audio – Stasis (Ghost Box)

The Stasis artwork contained quotes from Ursula K Le Guin and Arthur C Clarke. This is perhaps a red herring, because this isn’t a blast to some robot-led future with cars made out of physics and that. Nope. This is a whoosh into the past. 

Mr Pye, as I’m now going to call Martin Jenkins, is an utter synth-head. That love for old gear shines on this album – and indeed in his other alias Head Technician. He takes his inspiration from John Carpenter; from the kind of horror films that have informed electronic music for years.

The fact that Adam Curtis uses Mr Pye’s music in his documentaries didn’t swing this for me. Nor the fact he supported Mogwai. Nope. Stasis is here because it’s what the Stranger Things soundtrack could have been. It’s that much of a whoosh into the past. And it sounds great.

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