Dec 31, 2018

Best electronic albums of 2018: eight

8 – Ceephax – Camelot Arcade (Waltzer)

This might be the first time Ceephax has made my top ten. Well, fancy that. Arise, Sir Ceephax, and take your steed, whatever a steed is.

Camelot Arcade is a whole theme park of fun. Thrill to the cheery chords of Trusthouse Forte! Woosh to the acid disco of Life Started Tomorrrow! Smile for the camera at the smooth 4/4 ride of The Green Night!

Like most UK theme parks, there is a tinge of sadness here: there’s less happy acid and more thoughtfulness. He’s allowed the paint to peel in the damp weather, and let the bolts of the safety harnesses rust up a little. It’s a richer experience as a result.

I still don’t know what a steed is. I’m going to ask at the candy floss stall. I’ll meet you at the tea cups in half an hour. Cheers.

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