Dec 18, 2018


I may have mentioned myself too much in the latest edition of Electronic Sound.

In my new column, I talk about my Twitter trickery in which I hoodwinked my followers with a secret acrostic. The problem is, the acrostic was my own name, so now my column contains the ridiculous "word":


It's a bit like that bit in Being John Malkovich where John Malkovich says John Malkovich lots, but without John Malkovich.

The piece also contains the words "Zorgoid", "screamo", "furball", "bums" and "mangles", and elsewhere in the mag there's John Foxx and Stephen Mallinder and end-of-year gubbins. And yet... Fat Roland. FatRoland. FATROLANDFATROLAND.

Snaffle yourself the latest Electronic Sound here or in major newsagents, or just rock up to the counter and ask for Fat Roland until they relent.

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