Dec 31, 2018

Best electronic albums of 2018: four

4 – EOD – Named (BBBBBB)

Rephlex Records introduced me to many great things. Bogdan Raczynski. Monolith. Bochum Welt. Salted caramel ice cream. µ-Ziq. The combustion engine. I think I may be getting confused with some of this.

Rephlex also taught me that squiggly was good, and that your brain was meant for dancing. This debut from former Rephlex artist EOD is a must for anyone into Aphexian squiggles.

Really shouldn’t have mentioned the ice cream. I want ice cream now.

The influences on Named are clear. R’ley and ‘sblood Thou Stinkard are Squarepushian in their mayhem and melody. But there’s something solid in this IDM, as testified by the mid-paced Asenath and Blasted Heath. And dig those warm hugs of chords in Wilbur.

Stian Gjevik's work as EOD is as close to the musical heart of this website as you can get in 2018, and thank Bogdan for that.

Do Ben & Jerry’s have an emergency helpline? I’m gasping for a tub.

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