Dec 30, 2018

Best electronic albums of 2018: twelve

12 – Jon Hopkins – Singularity (Domino)

Jon Hopkins is no stranger to this website. In 2013, he won album of the year. I declared him to have one of the best music tracks of the decade, and I once promised not to torture him.

Considering Singularity can only ever live in the long shadow of its predecessor, the ground-breaking Immunity album, this is an astonishing achievement. Just listen to Everything Connected. Now listen to it again.

Hopkins’ greatest achievement is balancing artistry with crowd-pleasing. Balancing pin-sharp production, as delicate as a snowflake, with fat filters and pyjama-pooping bass.

A bit like me, really. I think of this blog as treading a fine line between snowflakes and pooping. Brown snow. That’s what this blog is. You’re reading brown snow.

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