Dec 21, 2018

Red for Satan: Orbital wobbling my follicles

Orbital had my follicles shaking last night. All of them. It's the loudest Orbital gig I've experienced for some time - then again, I was right on the front rail in the sonic firing line, so no wonder my hair was buzzing.

It was a particular treat to see Plaid support them, one of the few bands I would rate as highly as the Orbital brothers. Do Matter sounded particularly celebratory. There were a couple of guys near me that were new to Plaid, and I reckon they gained some converts, especially after me banging on about how much I rated them.

Here's a piccie I took of Orbital (above). I can't remember which track it was, but it was probably Satan / Beelzedub. The colour is the clue: red for Satan, orange for Belfast, blue for Halcyon. In fact, here is my earliest memory of Orbital using blue colour washes for Halcyon: I'm in this crowd somewhere.

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