Dec 30, 2018

Best electronic albums of 2018: fourteen

14 – Daniel Avery – Song For Alpha (Phantasy Sound)

Daniel Avery makes his music in a shipping container next to the Thames river. It’s a bit like series two of The Wire, but less unionised. Ah. The Wire. I really must watch that again.

Apologies – I’m getting nostalgic. Which is kinda relevant, because Avery’s second album Song For Alpha evokes classic Aphex Twin and the early days of 1990s dub techno.

The undulating acid of Stereo L or the smoky ambience of Citizen // Nowhere takes me straight back to Rephlex or Beyond or Rising High Records – but with a modern twist because every track here is powerful enough to flatten a dancefloor.

Whether Avery is smuggling drugs under the noses of the port police while failing to control his ambitious yet volatile drop-out son is unconfirmed. That was a Wire reference, by the way.

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