Jan 19, 2009

Lovely bleepy goodness from Mind On Fire

Manchester music collective Mind On Fire are stoking their flames of success by launching a brand spanking new web label.

The label (http://www.mindonfire.co.uk/) will burn a trail for the hottest Manchester artists (you do realise the fire synonyms are just going to get worse, don't you?) regardless of style, genre or dress sense.

And they're sparking it all off with three launch events later this week, the details of which are at the end of this post.

Mind On Fire have scorched a trail throughout Manchester, burning up dancefloors in places like Po Na Na, Music Box and Mint Lounge.  I actually started a fire once in Po Na Na, which seems prescient considering this blog post, but that's a different story.

They subscribe to the John Peel school of DJing, which says if something smoulders with goodness, the genre doesn't matter.  Hence the web label.  Set your ears alight with the excellent tracks on their MySpace page (and tremble in awe at their brazen use of the word "brap!").  There's some lovely bleepy goodness in them thar hills.

Here are the gigs:

- Thursday 22nd January at the Deaf Institute, Manchester city centre, from 8pm.  Making Faces, Go Lebanon, Neko Neko playing live, and The Natural Curriculum.  Plus visual gubbins, lovely art and free stuff.

- Friday 23rd January at the Ram 'n' Shackle, Fallowfield, 9pm - 2am.  Mind On Fire DJs, natch, plus Indigo and the cream of the crop from Indigo's label mates on Mindset Recordings.

- Saturday 24th January. It's off to Chorlton's The Nook, from 6pm, with the bluesy Denis Jones, and support from LA77 and Kane Testrack.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug. Thursday nite at the deaf institute was a killer, really busy. Great way to launch the site.

Cool to see an electronica blog exsists too.

Fat Roland said...

I do m'best. I don't usually do plugs, but they had some lovely top stuff on their Myspace page (including, may I say, your lovely choons).

I've just dipped into the brand new MoF site, and it all looks rather exciting. *woo* Just noticed Lukid is at the DE this Thursday. *woo again*

Anonymous said...

Thanks indeed.

I missed lukid but i'm excited about sirconicol + Lone soon which will be a gooden. Hopefully see you down there.