Jan 29, 2009

Scary girls frighten me more than blood-filled elevators

I can't stand adverts that splice together video bits to create a "cut 'n' paste" music track.  I can't stand the way I just typed "cut 'n' paste".  They should wire up keyboards so that depressing those letters in that order delivers a debilitating electric shock to the fingers.

I also can't stand little girls who are possessed by something dark and dangerous, especially the ones near the lifts in the Overlook Hotel.  However, I'm willing to make an exception for this cute-as-buttons Aphex Twin protégé because:

(a) They've bothered to write an actual track. Or at least half an actual track.

(b) It builds nicely into a tune I would probably buy if it was made from real synthesisers and that.

(c) Don't tell anyone, but I think evil girls are sweetly endearing in a Roald Dahl worm-eating kind of way.

On the subject of childish things, my friend wrote a book about finding your place in primary school.  You should probably buy it.


Anonymous said...

If my nan heard that she'd either think she was going nuts or the world was ending. Or both.

Whatever you do, don't play it to her.

The girl in the vid is a little cutie though ..

Fat Roland said...

If I was to have a daughter, I would have her genetically modified so that's what she does all the time in real life.

It might get annoying after a while.