Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: eighteen

18 – Steffi – World Of The Waking State (Ostgut Ton)

Last year, I rated Steffi's Doms & Deykers work as, and I quote, a "total banger". I even illustrated the comment with Obelisk the Gaul, as you can see here.

I wouldn't call her third solo album World Of The Waking State a "banger". Banging isn't the right noise. I'd perhaps choose "squelchy".

In fact, she's dialled it down across the board, and what we've ended up is not so much a warehouse rave as a collection of immersive introspective techno worthy of the likes of Higher Intelligence Agency or Warp's Artificial Intelligence albums.

Fewer bangs, more feels.

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