Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: eleven

11 – Forest Swords – Compassion (Ninja Tune)

Here is a list of weapons I would use while outdoors:

> Tree gun
> Cloud knife
> Beach tazer
> Toadstool nunchucks
> Squirrel bazooka
> Forest sword

See what I did there? Forest Swords' Compassion ought to be rated up there with the likes of Mark Pritchard for an ability to create something utterly widescreen yet organic and heart-breakingly melancholic.

Widescreen because of the doom-laden drum on Arms Out, organic because of the way the snare punches through the chopped voices on Exalter, melancholic because of THOSE bass notes on The Highest Flood.

Remarkable. If this is only number 11 in my list of best electronic albums of 2017, you'd better stay tuned for the top ten... otherwise I'll shoot you with my babbling brook grenade.

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