Dec 31, 2017

Best electronic albums of 2017: five

5 – Bicep – Bicep (Ninja Tune)

Here it is. The top five best albums of 2017. What shall we start the top five with? Nose-flute ballads from Peru? A compilation of Asda in-store radio jingles? The sound of the universe dying?

No, let's have some irresistible prog house in the form of Bicep. Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson have produce a stormer here. Although covered in a coffee-table sheen, every beat feels urgent, every skipping snare a call to action.

Glue should have every Moderat fan mopping their broken heart off the floor. And the filtered ravey chirrups in Rain will have Chicane devotees salivating.

Let's not forget where Bicep came from. Producers, yes, DJs, yes. They were music bloggers, which is very much the greatest form of art. In a million years, when the columns of empire have crumbled and humanity is a mere sliver of carbon amid the layers of the earth, they will talk of music bloggers. "Do you remember Bicep's blog," whisper the future aliens. "Yes, and we remember Fat Roland too."

THANKS, future beings, thanks.

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